Call Net-PwrCtrl:
There are three methods to call NET-PwrCtrl:
  • About the host name from the browser. Name = hostname. (Http://net-control on delivery). If the name is changed, the corresponding host name changes.
  • About 'NET-PwrCtrl Discoverer.exe'. This program search and list all devices present in the network.
  • About IP e.g.: The IP address from the DHCP - Server (usually in the router) will be assigned automatically. If there is no DHCP - Server IP can also be assigned manually.

Several devices in the network.
The NET-PwrCtrl is delivered with the hostname: "net-control". The host name must be unique in the network, so it must be changed in the first device before the second can be connected.

HTTP Port.
If default HTTP Port 80 have to be changed because several devices got to be addressed from the Internet or to operate HTTP Server. In this case to the hostname need to be add ":" + port number (http://net-control:12345)

Without DHCP.
Connect the device and assign the network card the following:
Subnet Mask:
The NET-PwrCtrl can now be called via browser with the address:
http://net-control or

Important: If IP the device is changed or DHCP is turned off:

  1. Browser must be closed (all windows).
  2. Start Browser and call the device with the host name.
  3. Refresh page in the browser (Reload).
After each change in the LAN-Settings starts the NET-PwrCtrl again.

Important: If IP the device is changed or DHCP is turned off:

  1. Browser must be closed (all windows).
  2. Start Browser and call the bar with the host name.
  3. Refresh page in the browser (Reload).
The UDP - Interface can be used to control from your application. More information here.
Username and password are limited to 8 characters.

If the device obtain internet access the time is automatically synchronized from SNTP Server (port 123 must not be blocked by the firewall). SNTP time is refreshed every 60 minutes. Without internet access, the time must be synchronized manually via browser time.
Without a valid time synchronization timers are inactive..

E-mail reports changes in the condition of the NET-PwrCtrl. There are max. 8 messages collected or sent after 10 second.
Save & Restore:
Download the complete configuration. Can be used to set several devices with same configuration. Do not change the file manually! Can cause that the devicel not boot.
Interval: With 50% probability is the outlet switched on (if off) or off(if on) in seted time intervals. It may happen that several intervals will not be changed. For this reason large intervals should be avoided (3 intervals x 2 hours = 6 hours).

set the time function off. For example it can be switched on manually in the morning according to your needs and off automatically in the evening at 23:00 (99: 99; 23: 00).

Keepalive Timer:
Sends a Ping to the IP and switch the socket off (and/or) sends an E-mail - should IP not respond.

The "Reset" button can be used to switch the outlet for [Reset for (s)] second off and on again.
  • About Setting/LAN/Default.
  • Push the reset button (small hole next to the power connector) longer than 4 second.
  • Switch device off. Push & hold reset button. Connect device to the mains. Hold reset button 2 second.

Access from the Internet:
Should NET-PwrCtrl be controllable from the Internet, the router must be set accordingly.

The Internet-Router IP is dynamic in most cases and changed (usually at night). A Dynamic DNS Provider ensures that the name you choose always refers to the IP of your router.

Once you have created an account with a Dynamic DNS Provider, the router must received two pieces of information:

  1. The data from Dynamic DNS Provider so that the new IP can be communicated to the service.
  2. In port forwardings of router HTTP-Port of NET-PwrCtrfl must refer to the IP:>

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