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Welcome to ANEL-Elektronik AG.

Further development of the Master-Slave Power Control led via USB Power Control to the network-controlled NET-PwrCtrl (NET Power Control).

Since 2007, the devices have been manufactured and further developed. We make sure that even the "oldest" our devices will be equipped with new firmware.

Under 'Products' you will find complete range of our devices.

Not everything has been translated so far. Sorry, but we are working on it.

Thank you for your trust.

In development: NET-PwrCtrl ONE
1 relay, OLED display, electrical measurement:
Voltage (V) RMS Current (A) RMS Frequency (Hz) Power factor (cos φ)
Active power (W)Apparent power (VA)Reactive power (VAR)
Small DIN-Rail-Housing.


NEW: NET-PwrCtrl HUT2™
8 relays, 8 inputs or outputs freely configurable.
Plug-in or screw terminals.
RJ45 socket for sensor.

HTML changeable. DIN-Rail - housing.

NEW: Sensor 1™
External sensor for the Net-PwrCtrl - HUT.
NEW: HUT EXtender™
Extends the HUT over the IO's by 8 more relays
 Alle Typen    Comparison of the devices

All Net-PwrCtrl are developed and manufactured in Germany. Special solutions possible.

All devices (except: HOME [10 00 00] & HUT [10 07 00]) have universal voltage range:

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